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Orion Jul 8, 2000 08:11 PM
Performa hardrive disaster!
We have a Performa 580CD which seems to have suddenly died on me. We turned it on today and it made a weird sound (very hard to describe, never heard it before) and an icon of a disk with a question mark on it appeared on the screen. Nothing else happened. We were able to start it from the CD, but the icon for the hard disk does not show up on the desktop. When we try to initialize the hard drive, we get the message that there are no ATA peripherals on the list. So what can we do now? Even if we accept that we'll lose everything that was on our computer, we can't seem to reformat the hard drive. Please help! We are desperate.

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reader50 Jul 8, 2000 09:53 PM
The disk-with-question-mark icon means the computer didn't find a valid drive to boot off of and is requesting a boot floppy.

You have gotten a good many years of service out of that Performa 580. But it sounds like you are now on the market for either a new hard drive or a new computer.

Drivesavers or other (expensive) recovery services may be able to get some data off the old drive. Unfortunately, odd noise has to be a hardware problem, and the hard drive does not have any optional components. Odd noise and no device appearing on the ATA bus pretty well means the hard drive isn't there any more.

Sorry, man. I don't see much hope here for that hard drive.
wlonh Jul 9, 2000 09:49 AM
for the most part i agree with reader50, but to try and rescue the disk and get the data off it, try DiskWarrior by alsoft,

it may resuscitate that HD so you can retrieve the data from it, i have seen DiskWarrior 'save' and HD when nothing else would... be advised that your HD is sufficiently old that it should be replaced as soon as you can retrieve the data from it, and you may need to go to a professional data retrieval service if your data is important to you and must be retrieved
wlonh Jul 9, 2000 09:50 AM
and, please do not use advertisements in your signature file here... naughty naughty!
zac4mac Jul 9, 2000 05:28 PM
Good idea wlon, but I haven't had any success with DW on an unmounted disk... did I miss something? Norton v.5 and possibly v.4 has, on the CD, a folder called "tech support tools" or some such thing, and inside is Norton Disk Editor+ which allows access to files on an unmounted disk.... this app is NOT supported by them and is not installed normally, but it is there and quite powerful..
wlonh Jul 10, 2000 12:04 AM
yes zac you are right, unmounted disks can't be fixed by DW... DOH! sorry, i move too fast sometimes and do not think the whole thing thru (shoot me)

damn, i had to fix an unmounted disk on my old 6200 about 2 weeks ago and i will be shot if i can remember exactly what i did... seems i used Drive Setup to mount the disk and then updated the driver and then ran DW on it and fixed it enough to pull data and then reinitted the HD and all was/is well (for now, heh)
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