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nicholsp Jul 9, 2000 05:04 AM
Low modem speed Performa 6400 w/ Sonnet G3
I just upgraded my old Performa 6400/200 with a Sonnet G3 card. I also bought a new Global Village Teleport 56 modem. Works great, except I can only get an internet connection about 24 - 26Kbps. My PowerBook G3 connects using the same phone line and the same ISP at a solid 48.8 Kbps. I took the modem and put it on a friends machine and got a solid 48.8 with my ISP. This leads me to believe that I have an internal serial port proble. Anybody got any ideas??


wlonh Jul 9, 2000 09:44 AM
try as many different modem scripts as you can, search the fora for keywords 'modem script'

btw, i have found that GV external modems are nothing but a pain, and i have way too much experience with them on many different Macs (owned by many different people) in different locations here in the USA... i bought a GV 56K modem some years ago and i got rid of it shortly afterwards, undoubtedly the crappiest modem and modem software i have ever used
harnet Jul 9, 2000 12:13 PM

Manuals >>>>>>>

Find more Info ..go to Home 6400!!!!!!
wlonh Jul 9, 2000 12:28 PM
the above post has little if any pertinent info re: the GV 56k and the 6400 upgraded with Sonnet...

the above post therefore represents something of a wild goose chase... very unhelpful as specifically regards your issue, perhaps there is something of use for your issue at that 6400 site, but a search of the site yielded nothing
wlonh Jul 9, 2000 12:31 PM
having had a great amount of experience with that POS modem in conjunction with many many different Mac models, i strongly recommend that you delete/disable any and all software components you may have installed for it, use only a modem script, and try several different modem scripts...

i can guarantee this will give you the best results though quite likely still unsatisfactory results, GV is garbage

and their tech support is a complete and unqualified disaster to be avoided at all costs

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