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George Orville Jul 9, 2000 07:24 PM
Lets assume that I have an old Macintosh computor with a floppy drive and no CD drive.........

I want to initialize/reformat and then re-install OS software...
OS floppies 7.5.5 has a read me file, Disk First Aid and a Installer..

question...........I would think that disk 1 of the install set should have a Disk Setup and a Installer at least since I have no cd drive.... That would allow me to initialize and then install software

How can a person accomplish this project?????


DougMac Jul 9, 2000 11:21 PM
I'm not completely clear what the problem is - it sounds like you have the entire floppy set for 7.5.5? If that is true, then the disk that you want is 'Disk Tools'. If there is two of them, try the first and if its not right, then the computer will say you need Disk Tools 2 for that model.

Just insert the disk tools floppy into drive, start up the computer. It will load the System Folder from the floppy, then use the HD Setup to reformat your HD. Once that is done, you can reboot with Disk 1 of the Install Disks and install the OS (or maybe you can do that right from Disk Tools, I forget).
George Orville Jul 9, 2000 11:57 PM
Disk 1/2/3 does not contain HD Setup....

I am researching this for a friend..

Can I startup with a bootable floppy, reformat/initialize and eject floppy...

Will the computor then bootup from the OS 7.5.5 Disk 1
AusRob Jul 10, 2000 01:48 AM
You should be able to create a "startup" or "rescue" disk onto a blank floppy. Use this as in the floppy drive and change the startup disk in the startup control panel to the newly made floppy. You should be able to perform all the functions you require from this. Another alternative is to borrow a SCSI cd-rom drive from somewhere.
MacOS761 Jul 10, 2000 10:35 AM
What DougMac is saying is that the Disk Tools disk IS bootable... have you tried that yet?
DougMac Jul 12, 2000 01:51 AM
Ya, what that guy said!

You can boot from Disk Tools AND format the HD using it after the computer has booted up - hence the name of the floppy.

After that, shut down, stick in disk 1, boot up again and it will let you install the OS on to the HD. (It's been a while since I've done this so you may be able to install from Disk Tools but I doubt it). I probably confused the issue with Disk Tools 1 & 2. There are two disks with Disk Tools on it, the one you need depends on the computer model but it will tell you if you try the wrong one.

Clear as mud?
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