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sproutsie May 31, 2002 09:38 AM
"new" cd drive in 7500
Hi- I have a G3'd 7500, on which I want to install OS 9, but the cruddy old cd drove that came with it is broken, so I can't load any new programs or OS's. I have a new one on the way and have a sort of simple question- it is an Apple 12X drive, so after I stick the connectors on it and so on, do I need to do anything else? Run HD setup or something similar? I have not been able to find instructions on it, so I thought I'd ask here.

saxman Jun 4, 2002 11:04 PM

Provided your new drive is the same physical size and connection interface, it should just slot straight in. You will probably have to swap the sled from the old to the new, but that's easy.

There will be some "jumpers" which you will probably have to remove from the old drive and put on the new one in exactly the same way. These will set your SCSI ID, parity and termination to the settings you currently have.

You should not have to do anything else, it should just work!


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ddiokno Jun 9, 2002 01:54 PM
Hi Sproutsie,
Should be as simple as swapping the two drives and you'll be good to go (with a significantly faster drive!)
sproutsie Jun 9, 2002 02:13 PM
Well, the cd drive turned out to be the least of my problems! It works great, as opposed to the rest of the thing, including my borrowed monitor, which likes to switch in between normal and sickly nasty greenish-yellow.

Thanks for the input.
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