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turtle777 Mar 15, 2008 09:08 PM
'NN URL conversion craziness ? WTF...
Ok, so this is what I intended to post:
Tex: "wiki", then insert the following link: Blackadder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Looks like this when editing:


And becomes this after posting:

AppleInsider | Apple Insider News and Analysis

WTF ? :confused:

Oisín Mar 15, 2008 09:28 PM
AppleInsider | Apple Insider News and Analysis

Testing (just to see if it’s just MacNN being anti-chelonian or an actual bug) ;)

Nope, definitely an actual bug.
Oisín Mar 15, 2008 09:30 PM
How very odd. It only does it when the text you enter between the url tags is “wiki”, with a lowercase w. Even just altering it to “Wiki” makes it appear correctly.
turtle777 Mar 15, 2008 09:57 PM
I can not believe this is a bug.

Seems more like an easter egg or prank to me :hmm:

turtle777 Mar 20, 2008 12:02 AM
So, any of the mods feel like confirming this bug ?

Or is it a feature ?

ghporter Mar 23, 2008 06:38 PM
Please check the appropriate thread-the Forum Bugs sticky, and especially my recent post.
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