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l008com May 2, 2013 02:00 AM
Disappearing Post
So I found a thread that was a little old. It was exactly, 100% the same question I had, but the solution was no longer working. Rather than start my own thread, I figured I'd just reuse this perfectly good thread. So I wrote a long response, hit submit, and alas, I got the "this thread is too old to bump" message. FINE I'll start my own thread! I hit the back button, and everything I typed was gone. I was presented with a totally blank reply text field. This is SUPER annoying and SO EASY to prevent. You can store rejected posts in cookies, you could store them in a separate table in the database, so you can then 'give them back' to the user on the reject screen. You could even skip that all together and just use posts to pass the data along from request to request. And of course you can use that fancy HTML5 data storage stuff, which I think it what Apple's forum does. I'm adding restaurant reviewing to one of my websites soon, and I will be using the POST method. If a user tries to submit a review that I can't accept, I will show them a fail message, and display their post right under it so they can copy it. Theres no reason that web forums need to be deleting perfectly good content in 2013. :brick:
andi*pandi May 2, 2013 09:51 AM
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