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PeterParker May 24, 2013 10:47 AM
Does it make any sense to buy a PS3 now?

I'm really out and about to buy my first gaming console. A bit tricky now, though... I can't get it entirely right, I suppose, as end of cycle is approaching. On the other hand, prices are somewhat low now, although I don't know what the new consoles will start at. And I suppose they will only be released by christmas, with new games especially being released all over 2014.

So, what to do? How long are new games still going to be released for the PS3? What's going to be the new price for PS4?
What would you do?

sek929 May 24, 2013 12:14 PM
Price is largely up in the air, but it won't be cheap, you can bet on that.

Not really knowing how much you game, a PS3 will have dozens of "old" games that are still very high-quality AAA titles. If you haven't played them yet they're new to you, right? Then if you grow tired of playing older games, or your system stops being supported, you can opt for the PS4 at a most likely discounted price than at release.

The main issue, for me, is the usability of the HULU/Netflix apps on the old hardware. If that functionality became unsupported on my 360 it would make the 360 half as useful.

My first system was a SNES in the Playstation era, I bought my N64 over a year after release and my original Xbox was a refurb unit bought about 8 months after that release. I see great value in enjoying games you haven't yet played on the cheap, and then getting the "new and improved" model once prices come down a bit.
The Final Dakar May 24, 2013 01:40 PM
See what games you're interested in and pick the console based on that. Unless they are heavily multiplayer based, I wouldn't see the issue.
Hawkeye_a May 24, 2013 05:53 PM
-cheap hardware, readily available, most if not all of the kinks have been ironed out(RRoD, etc).
-large libraries of AAA games for those systems, usually at discounted prices at this point.
-As for the PS3, it already has a BluRay player built in.
-Not 'cutting edge' i guess

-new, more powerful hardware. so you are 'future proofing' yourself.
-Expensive boxes at least initially
-Not too many AAA games initially, those that will be available will be full price.
-new hardware teething issues
-main distinguishing feature upgrade SO FAR(this will change) for the PS4 is the 'social aspect'
-main distinguishing feature upgrade SO FAR(this will change) for the XBO is the 'TV' stuff

I do have a PS3, albeit in a different country right now, so I can justify waiting for a PS4. However, if i didn't already own a PS3, I would strongly consider getting one even now. IMHO, it has a great exclusive library of games (Uncharted, Infamous, Motorstorm, God Of War, Team Ico Collection, Ratchet & Clank, Killzone, etc).

Just keep in mind that the new consoles are not backwards compatible, and that the XB360 does not have a BluRay drive (unlike the PS3, PS4 and XBO). Ultimately it comes down to the games you want, and whether or not Bluray is important(it is to me).

If i were you, i'd wait until it becomes clear whether or not its worth it to wait for the new hardware; unlesss you want one right now.

PeterParker May 25, 2013 11:40 AM
Alright, so, thanks for the quick replies already!

Let's say I'd do it (ps3) - so, it's probably a bit of a dull question, but if I want to buy 3-5 extremely great games for the beginning, how do I find them? I always wanted to play BioShock Inifite, GTA, maybe Need for Speed. So there I'm prejudiced or so... But other than that? I know there are classics, then tastes... Any idea? Any good way? I just don't want to browse reviews endlessly - and eventually spending money for bad games, and don't just give me your top 10 list, I dunno... Hmm...
sek929 May 25, 2013 12:02 PM
Taste is a big factor here, I'd try narrowing down what style of games you like the most (action-adventure, FPS, etc..) and browsing for the highest rated games in those categories. It's the best site for using dozens of reviews but not needing to read through them all to get the gist.
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