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Koralatov Jan 26, 2008 10:58 AM
Clamshell Internal Bluetooth Mod - It MIGHT Actually Be Possible
I came across this page on adding everything imaginable to an Eee PC, and it got me thinking. Looking at the way he does it using the components of a USB hub to add additional (internal) USB connections, it occurs to me that something similar might be possible with the Clamshell.

Some more research turned up this page on resoldering a USB connector (which is sadly in French). I ran it through Google's translation, and I think I got the gist of it. Looking at that, I surmised that it may be possible to connect the USB hub to the USB connector on the motherboard, and then from there connect the USB port and a stripped down Bluetooth dongle to it.

Now, with my limited understanding of these things, I think it should be possible, though I suspect you wouldn't be able to use anything else on the USB port that draws more than a drop of power out of it. Personally, I wouldn't find that a problem; I want to do it so I can use a BT mouse with the Clamshell, and the only thing I would connect to the USB port would be my flash-drive from time-to-time.

However, that is not the only problem that will occur. The biggest roadblock, I think, will be the incredibly tight internals of the Clamshell. I think that the best way around it would be to mount the BT dongle's innards somewhere in the screen housing, as I think that probably has the most free space within it (though I still think it will be very tight). Also, placing the USB hub itself will possibly have to be done within the screen housing too, though I'm not 100% sure.

So, before I crack open my Clamshell and start gouging bits out, does anyone have any input on this? Specifically, I'm thinking the Clamshell experts from the XGA mod thread might have some real insights into it, especially regarding the available space within the casing for placement of the various parts.

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