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phkc070408 Feb 16, 2014 10:54 PM
Using Google Drive on iPad to increase Memory.
Ok. Here's my dilemma:

We're going on vacation,. We're going to ride the train cross country. 4 days and 3 nights. Of course I will spend some time enjoying the scenery, but I loaded up my iPad with movies. It's close to full, but I wanted to put a bunch of pictures on it as well, so the wifey and I can look at them as well. Of course we'll be over our 64GB limit.

My plan of attack is to upload the pictures onto Google Drive. After we watch a movie or two, I can delete the movie from my iPad and open up the pictures. Will this work?

A key question: Does Google Drive place a copy of the picture on my laptop (and all other devices) and just sync the folder, or is the file stored in the cloud until I download it onto my device?

IF It is a cloud drive that you download the file when needed, is there a way to remove the file from my device without removing it from the cloud drive?

PS - we will be de training about half-way through for a few days, and will have access to wifi at a hotel. Also, we will have cellular data throughout most of the trip. I am aware of the data consumption this may use.

If Google Drive will not serve my purpose, does anyone have any ideas as to what will work for me?
P Feb 17, 2014 04:41 AM
I never used Google Drive, but I have used Dropbox. In that case, the Dropbox application will sync all files that are in your Favorites list. In your case, you can put a bunch of files in your Dropbox and then just make sure that they're not in the favorites list before you start filling the iPad up with movies.
ghporter Feb 17, 2014 09:18 PM
Just a quibble here. OP, you're talking about increasing the available storage for your device, NOT the memory. Precise language gets better answers. P's response skips my somewhat pedantic rant here; he answers the question you meant to ask. But it's quicker and easier to ask more precise questions, even without jargon, as in: "How can I save all these movies as well as a bunch of still pictures when my iPad only holds 64GB?"
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