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NJRonbo May 24, 2014 03:23 AM
Sharing Music on iPod?
As a gift, I am buying a friend a classic iPod.

I myself have a classic iPod with about 8,000 songs on it.

Most of the songs I ripped from CDs. Some are downloaded music from Amazon and iTunes.

Most of those songs I would like to share with my friend. In other words, upload that music to his new iPod.

Now, that's the easy part. It can be done on my Mac via iTunes with playlists intact.

Here's the tricky part...

I'd like my friend to be able to rip his own music on his own computer.

That means I can't transfer the music to his new iPod from my computer as once he tries to connect the iPod to his own computer it will erase all the music I gave him.

His computer will also attempt to erase all the music off my iPod.

Apple has put restrictions in place that disallow this kind of combining of music from two different sources -- at least that is what I have come to realize.

So the question is...

What is the best way to transfer my music off of my classic iPod to my friend's computer (with playlist structure intact) and allow him to add his own music via iTunes.

Is it possible with the restrictions Apple has put into place?

Thanks in advance for the advice.
ghporter May 24, 2014 08:10 AM
You can provide your friend with the digital files for those pieces of music you want to share, which he can put on his computer. Once he sets up the iPod, he can add those files to his in iTunes by simply dragging them from Finder into iTunes. You can find the files on your own computer by opening iTunes and selecting a song, then selecting "Show in Finder." Then just copy those files to some sort of media.

I am in no way endorsing copyright violations, but that will work for songs you've ripped from your purchased CDs, and that's pretty much up to your conscience. For those you've downloaded though, you'll have some DRM to deal with. You can manage that by burning those pieces onto CD, which you friend can then ripping them to iTunes himself. That is unambiguously across the line in terms of copyright infringement.

And remember, those "restrictions Apple has put into place" are part of the way they have gotten artists to allow them to sell their songs. The restrictions are there to keep people from freely distributing copyrighted materials. You're not talking about getting around some sort of roadblock that Apple put in place just to bother you, it's there to protect the artists from having their work blatantly stolen. (Yeah, that's a downer, but if I tell you that, it's up to you whether you go ahead with copying those files and giving them to someone else.)
Spheric Harlot May 24, 2014 09:04 AM
Apple allows for this. When you connect the iPod to iTunes, the main screen will show a checkbox labelled "Manage Music and Videos Manually".

Switch that on, and he can connect to several iTunes libraries and just manually drag and drop stuff onto the iPod. It will stay there until erases it by hand or sets the iPod to automatically sync again.
NJRonbo May 24, 2014 02:24 PM
First, I want to thank you all for your help.

Apple allows for this. When you connect the iPod to iTunes, the main screen will show a checkbox labelled "Manage Music and Videos Manually".
Will this happen if I take my iPod and connect it to my friend's computer? So, like, a screen will come up that will list all the songs and I can create playlists on my friend's computer and drag songs into those playlists? He can then connect his iPod and sync?

Now, when he connects his iPod, it will have to also be a manual sync as described?

Can he also add his own music (via ripping off of CDs) and add it to what I have given him?

I take it that he can never do a auto sync. It will always have to be done manually?
Spheric Harlot May 24, 2014 09:41 PM
Correct. That is basically how it works.

If he's going to want to transfer anything other than music and films onto the classic, it would be prudent to sync it with his machine prior to switching it to manual; this is probably not relevant for an iPod classic, though.

I'm also not certain whether it's possible to have transferred playlists show up on the classic as lists.
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