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Geoff Jan 19, 2013 11:10 PM
NoThumbnails at App Store on iPad
Can anyone help with this one?

On an iPad 1 when I go to the App Store, no thunbmails are displayed. As well when I try and click on an icon to play a movie (with NFB) it just shuts down after a few seconds. Once a requester came up indicating low bandwidth.

However on the bandwidth issue, we are also using a New iPad that does not have the problem of either displaying or playing. At the same time there is an iMac on the network that is showing severe speed issues, We use only one of these devices at a time.

Is there anywat to check the tech specs on an iPad like you can with the Monitor on a desktop or laptop Mac?

Thnnks so much

subego Jan 20, 2013 06:45 PM
This may be an annoying question, but have you rebooted the iPad?
Geoff Jan 21, 2013 02:17 AM
Yes the unit was rebooted, however it turned out the owner of the unit had not updated anything on the unit for two years so a complete rebuild from scratch was called for,

All is as it should be now, Thanks

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