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abbaZaba May 20, 2013 05:41 PM
Remote iOS app could be so much better
I've got multiple AirPlay speakers around the house and I use Remote quite often. While it is pretty great, here are two features I would love to see added that would be tremendous:

1) Incorporate the Remote controls into the lockscreen/app switcher controls. I really dislike having to unlock my phone and go into Remote to change a song or pause a track.

2) Add AirTunes receiver ability at a system level, so that instead of using the AWFUL Shared Library in the Music app, your iOS device shows up as a AirPlay option, and you just select that to stream music to it if you want to listen through headphones in bed or something.

#2 is the one I really want to see implemented. Shared Libraries in Music app are incredibly slow and incredibly finnicky. I often get disconnects after playing a certain amount of time, it takes forever to load, and on my iPad it only loads less than 10% of the music in my library. I've got 3 other iOS devices and Shared Library has never, ever been reliable. Just get rid of it, bring an AirPlay receiver into Remote and be done with it. This would be a much better way of handling streaming music/remote control of your library when at home.

subego May 21, 2013 03:26 AM
It's a bit of a kluge, but you can swing number two with Airfoil.

If you live the AirTunes life, this is almost a requirement anyway. It lets you stream the output from any program through AirTunes, and has a speaker client for iOS devices.

You can actually stream iTunes through Airfoil and set Airfoil to stream only to your phone.

Airfoil has it's own remote control: Reemote, so you'd be able to control which speakers receive and from what program on the phone as well.
P May 21, 2013 03:59 AM
For 1: What happens if you use the remote button on the headphones?
abbaZaba May 22, 2013 12:02 PM
Quote, Originally Posted by P (Post 4231362)
For 1: What happens if you use the remote button on the headphones?
Same thing that happens when other music apps (soundcloud, 8tracks,,, pandora, spotify) have been given access to the controls- they work.
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