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jeff k Mar 13, 2014 02:16 PM
itunes problem with playlist
Never seen this before.
I drag in playlist to a master playlist but now not sorting correctly in master.

Here is how look in master playlist sorted perfect:

Then drag to the ipod and screwed up order songs:
Spheric Harlot Mar 13, 2014 03:58 PM
The first one is sorted by Playlist order.

The second one is sorted by Comments, alphabetically rising.

Click in the column header to change what you wish to sort by, e.g. if you wish to sort by track length, click on "Time". Clicking repeatedly will switch between increasing/decreasing order.

FWIW, this has been default behaviour of ALL column view in Mac OS since at least 1988.
P Mar 13, 2014 04:45 PM
Quote, Originally Posted by Spheric Harlot (Post 4270134)
FWIW, this has been default behaviour of ALL column view in Mac OS since at least 1988.
I have to butt in with the absolutely pointless knowledge that no, not quite. Mac OS used to have this little special button that looked like a Towers of Hanoi stack that controlled sort order. Clicking the header twice to change sort order was a later switch, it might even have been in OS X 10.0.
jeff k Mar 13, 2014 06:11 PM
Thanks guys, email notification not working for some reason, and still have to log in for every post.


Master playlist is sorted FIRST by comments. Comments is the number I assigned to each CD.
The (in master playlist) I click the far left column with no name to get a perfect sort of the tracks.

Before, I would then drag anything from master playlist to the ipod and it would replicate over to ipod with comments sorted sequentially good, and also tracks sorted good , just as you see in master playlist.

But now for first time ever yesterday, it's not working! So first thought idea, why in the ipod, I don't see that far left column to click?

Again, I click comment to get the CD number in order, then I click that far left column which gets the track number 1/10, 2/20 etc in order. I drag over to the ipod and the track numbers are out of whack. and I don't see a far left column on the ipod listing.
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