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Lateralus Dec 16, 2011 08:33 PM
The Macintosh desktop picture thread
With the recent melding of the Pro/Consumer desktop forums, it makes little sense to either combine their respective picture threads (both full of broken links, invisible posts, broken conversations...) or to bump them individually.

So as a way of christening this new, unified forum I'm launching 'The Macintosh desktop picture thread'. As with prior iterations, I've taken the liberty of making this thread a sticky so that it always resides atop the forum listing.

This thread should be all-encompassing: from Hackintoshes, to treasures of the 80s, to the Apple-sanctioned clones of the 90s - if it doesn't fold up and it runs system software developed by Apple, feel free to post it. And bonus points for stories on your more obscure hardware, as it would make for a more interesting thread.

My only request is that we all keep the computing power and bandwidth limitations of other users in mind when considering the resolution of photos being posted. Anything larger than, say... 1280x800 isn't particularly necessary, though use your own discretion.

And for those of you who weren't around for the originals but would like to peek around, you can find them here;

I'd love to christen things myself, but I've not owned a desktop machine in quite a while. So... on with the show!
Eug Dec 16, 2011 09:46 PM
I've moved things around a bit since then, but the machines and the space are still the same.

From left to right: 27" iMac + extra screen, Win 7 ultraportable, 13" MacBook Pro, Win 7 desktop + extra screen
Eug Dec 16, 2011 10:19 PM
These are kind of old pictures, but this is what my 1.7 GHz G4 7447A upgraded Cube looked like when it was my primary desktop Mac.

Here it during a logic board transplant, along side my G4 450 Cube.

Over the years I had upgraded the video as well, multiple times. Once, when I couldn't get a flashed PC GeForce2 MX to fit, I just took a hacksaw to it. And it worked, and gave me Quartz Extreme.

I took the chance with the hacksaw, because I guessed those leads didn't go anywhere useful. Those pins were unused, for a secondary video connector. I presumed it was a multi-layer board, but figured that most of the other leads wouldn't be at the periphery. Luckily, I was right.

Because of the upgraded CPU and the upgraded video, I also installed a fan, but decreased the power to it with a resistor in order to make it completely silent.

Eventually I installed a flashed PC GeForce 6200, to get hardware accelerated Core Image support.

Gotta have that Dashboard ripple!

The 1.7 GHz Cube is still in use, but now in the guest room. It runs OS X 10.5.8, Safari 5.0, Firefox 3.6, and the latest version of TenFourFox (which is 8 at this writing). The G4 450 just sits on the shelf, but it still works too.
johnsou Jan 17, 2012 10:34 PM
Cool Rigs
euphras Feb 7, 2012 04:07 PM
Out of 2005, pre-Tiger Machines ;) The 6100 had two 12000 rpm SCSI drives and served as a RAID backup system for the Tibook, i still have it somewhere in my attic:

A Quadra 950 - just for shits and giggles. :eek: :)
solofx7 Feb 12, 2012 09:48 PM
New office setup...
What do y'all think of my new office setup?
Lateralus Feb 18, 2012 04:35 PM
Wow, I had no idea the 11" Air was so tiny. Sleek.
solofx7 Feb 20, 2012 02:32 PM
Quote, Originally Posted by Lateralus (Post 4150225)
Wow, I had no idea the 11" Air was so tiny. Sleek.
It does look super small next to the iMac.
Its perfect for school, so light and powerful.
nuno1959 Mar 10, 2012 05:11 PM
my office corner !
Hi guys !

after posting some pics elsewhere because of a FW800/iMac issue, Reader50 liked what he saw & suggested i post here some pics of my office..

let's face it it's not the fanciest nor packed with the latest & greatest but most of it was built by myself taking into account my exact needs in terms of components, their measurements AND some room left for future upgrades

the reason for doing it in the first place was because my house is super small & some time ago i had to sacrifice my bedroom to make an atelier where i could do my work - i'm an artist/designer/silversmith..
this led to building a custom made wall to wall wardrobe w/ a Murphy bed in it not to take too much space out of my tiny 19.50 square meter living room

since i ''discovered'' the joys of computing on an iMac thanks to a cousin of mine right after that, this led me to want to get rid of my big collection of LP's ( remember those ?..LOL.. ) & CD's + CD player & turntable, etc...
& this is the result of a couple of year's ''evolutionary work'', a little refinement here, know ? now i REALLY hope it's done but since i have all those nice tools in my atelier, well…….one never knows !….LOL…

all in all i'm VERY proud with what i have accomplished & hope you enjoy it

1 - a general vue to it :

2 - the office itself :
A - the APC ups..
B - the Cintiq 21UX mounted on an Ergotron MX arm..
C - late 2009, 27'' iMac i7
D - the NewerTech Guardian Maximus raid enclosure ( Raid1 w/ 2 X 3TB drives.. )
E - iPhone 3GS on a stainless cradle i made for it
F - Cambridge Audio DacMagic connected via SPDIF to the iMac
G - 4 X 2TB W.Digital My Book USB drives - T.Machine, iPhoto & ex iTunes Libraries + some video i shoot here & there
H - a thin paper shredder under the desk
I,J,K & L - drawers where i keep all my DVD's

3 - a better view of the left side :

4 - the iMac hanging on it's Ergotron LX arm :

5 - all that ugliness :

6 - since i couldn't find a mDP hub to keep both the Cintiq & my HDTV connected to the iMac
i resorted to an extension plugged & then i switch between them, this is below the keyboard shelf :

7 - a bad pic of the rest my iMac is connected to, a Roksan Kandy 2 + B&W speakers & the Panasonic 50'' HD plasma :

8 - a view of the drawers below the printer shelf :
euphras Mar 11, 2012 09:38 AM
Wow, that looks highly organised! :thumbsup:
nuno1959 Mar 11, 2012 02:47 PM
Hi Euphras !

thank you, i'm glad you like it !
& yup, i know.....some might even say it's too much ! ;-) but the way i see it is that worse than keeping it tidy, is waisting endless time looking for stuff &going nuts in the process, you know ?...LOL...
Googer-Giger May 9, 2012 01:04 PM
Quote, Originally Posted by euphras (Post 4147831)
Out of 2005, pre-Tiger Machines ;) The 6100 had two 12000 rpm SCSI drives and served as a RAID backup system for the Tibook, i still have it somewhere in my attic:
IMO the 6100s had the coolest ROM noise, a light little guitar strum.
Nergol Jun 27, 2012 03:24 PM
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