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NewsPoster Mar 7, 2013 04:15 PM
Apple makes minor updates to iWork iOS apps
Apple has posted minor updates to the iOS versions of its iWork apps. In this case <A href="">Pages</a>, <a href="">Numbers</a>, and <a href="">Keynote</a> all share the same release notes, indicating that they make "stability improvements and bug fixes." Apple hasn't identified what particular bugs have been solved.<br /><br />Updates to the iWork iOS suite are relatively rare. The last major ones were pushed out in December, focusing on support for Microsoft Office documents and the Mac edition of iWork.
Gazoobee Mar 7, 2013 05:06 PM
It's really sad the degree to which they neglect these programs, especially on iOS. I can't tell if Apple is really so stupid as to believe that what they have is good enough, or if they are just lazy, or if it's a case like the old iChat program where they just don't want to allocate resources to making them good.

Pages on iOS is still missing very basic features even years after it's debut. It still doesn't even have feature parity with it's desktop counterpart. Even desktop Pages still doesn't give the user any control over templates and styles.

These programs are often touted as replacements for Office but as a lifetime Mac user I have to say they are sad sad "also rans" in so many ways. Even Appleworks had a better more full-featured word processor than Pages. If I worked for the iWork division at Apple I would go home ashamed every day.
The Vicar Mar 7, 2013 07:24 PM
No kidding!
You can't even type special characters in the iOS version of Pages. It's a pretty lousy program.
pairof9s Mar 8, 2013 05:01 AM
All Apple software neglected...
Look at just about all of Apple's software, other than iTunes and the OS's. Every solution seems to languish in development: iWork, Final Cut, Aperture, iLife, even Safari...each starts out great but has now just sees minor updates here and there, mostly security or bug fixes. But like the others, I'm most disappointed in has such potential (and relief for neglected Mac Office users). The opportunity on the iOS is incredible because of the void provided by alone are clamoring for a robust Office solution (sorry Microsoft, but nobody is going to buy a Surface just to have Office). Seize the day, Apple!!
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