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NewsPoster Dec 2, 2013 02:56 PM
Data shows Mavericks already leading in OS X marketshare
Mavericks is already the predominant version of OS X in use by the public, according to November tracking data from Net Applications. During that month, Mavericks' share <a href="" rel='nofollow'>rose</a> from 0.84 percent to 2.42 percent of the Mac's total global share of 7.55 percent. Mountain Lion's share, meanwhile, plummeted from 3.31 percent to 1.85, while Lion dipped from 1.56 percent to 1.34. Leopard and Snow Leopard, already marginal platforms, dropped only slightly, slipping from 0.33 and 1.6 percent to 0.32 and 1.53 percent, respectively.<br />
<br />
Mavericks was only released on October 22, making its adoption extremely rapid. The shift is presumably due to Mavericks being free or charge, unlike all of its predecessors. Apple had made releases from Snow Leopard on up very inexpensive, somewhere between $20 and $30 dollars, but with the latest release it changed the price to free.<br />
<br />
The Mac user base's overall share, as measured by active Internet usage, crept just over 7.5 percent -- with the Intel-only releases of OS X accounting for all but 0.09 percent of that. Windows, though, remains in firm control of the overall desktop OS landscape, holding a 90.88 percent share. Linux systems account for just 1.56 percent.<br />
<br />
<br />
<div align='center'><img src='' style='max-width: 100%;' alt='OS X by OS version' border='0' pagespeed_url_hash="3033911542"/><br/><span class='minor2'>OS X by OS version</span></div><br />
bobolicious Dec 2, 2013 10:28 PM
-1.46% mountain lion<br>
-0.22% lion<br>
-0.07% snow leopard<br>
-0.01% leopard<br>
-1.76% subtotal<br>
+1.58% mavericks<br>
-0.18% mac web surfers ? <br>

how valid are web stats?
How many w7 users are actually w7pro virtualizing XP ?

There seems many green pie chart surfers that may be shopping by next April with the stand alone XP orphaning. Will the users choose stability over innovation...? Could Apple offer both ?
Charles Martin Dec 3, 2013 12:26 AM
I'm not quite following your math there, but the percentages are out of all browsers tracked by Net Applications. The XP/W7 thing could be a thing, but there's none of that going on with the Mac stats. Net Applications' stats are only comprised of users on the Internet, so I guess you could say it doesn't count Macs (or PCs) that don't use any form of web browser ... but y'know, come on ... :)

For Mavericks to have become the largest percentage of the active Mac userbase in a single month of release is very impressive. As far as I've seen, Mavericks offers a great deal of innovation and stability, so I think your question has already been answered.
revco Dec 3, 2013 05:49 AM
>>For Mavericks to have become the largest percentage of the active Mac userbase in a
>>single month of release is very impressive.

It was free. People love a freebie.
bobolicious Jan 20, 2014 09:33 PM
"Leopard and Snow Leopard, already marginal platforms, dropped only slightly"

if snow is marginal...
is lion now more marginal than snow (1.56) ?
is mt lion as marginal as snow+leopard (1.85) ?
all four are twice as popular as mavericks (5.04 vs 2.42) ?

Is Apple creating its own fragmentation challenges ?
Would an os that innovated yet also just ran everything (even in virtualization) be 'insanely great' ?
Would that promise be enough to woo the 30% of computer xp orphans ?
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