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davcomp Aug 6, 2002 10:59 PM
OH NO Spilled Coke Into iBook!
I spilled coke (a very little bit) into my iBook today. I immediately turned it off, removed the keyboard, let it drain, cleaned the coke out of the computer. I turned it back on and it worked fine and I continued using it for 2-3 more hours. I then packed it up, brought it home, and it wouldn't start up. It made three beep/tone sounds and then the sleep light would blink in a pattern. I proceeded to clean out anymore coke I could find. After I did this, the tones went away, but the screen stayed absolutely black and there was no startup sound. But, the hard drive spun up and so did the CDROM. I now have my whole iBook dissasembled on my dining room table hoping to let it dry out and hopefully it will work. If not though, does anyone know of anything else to try, or how much this could cost to fix? I am sure the hard drive is intact, so hopefully my data is fine (which I have a recent backup of anyway). Please advise! Thanks!
niji Aug 7, 2002 02:16 AM
coke in iBook
sorry, but i noticed how many views yr post had (many), but no (zero) actual replies.
i thought that the least we could do is offer our sympathy to you, since this sort of thing has happened to more of us than want to admit.
a friend of mine told me that in this sort of thing (if a "little" coke was spilled on the keyboard), that the best thing i could do would be do let the machine continue to run for several days, without letting it be able to cool down and gunk up inside.
in yr case, post-cool down and all disassembled, i havent a clue how to help.
passmaster16 Aug 7, 2002 02:20 AM
sorry to hear guess would be that you didn't give it enough time to dry out and zapped something, chances are, you might need to get a new keyboard, I'm sure some of the other members could point you in the right direction on that. One thing I've learned with electronics, if you get liquid in them, they're usually fine if you let them totally dry out before powering them back on

good luck
paranoid_android Aug 7, 2002 03:22 AM
the trouble with coke is the sugar content (same goes for tea/coffee with sugar) - even when the liquid has evaporated it can leave sugary 'deposits' which can short out electronic components.

i have heard it is actually best to 'wash' (or at least wipe gently) affected areas with clean water in order to remove said deposits, then allow to dry before attempting reasembly snd power-up.

good luck.
x user Aug 7, 2002 09:55 AM
Well, coke, from what I understand, also is extremely corrosive to Aluminum and probably magnesium. That is a major problem since there are both in the iBook. When you disassembled it, is it possible that you forgot to reconnect the speaker, so you can't hear the tones now? HD spin up just means that the powersupply is working, but I have a feeling you either shot your whole MOBO, or your built-in ram. If not from the coke, then from a static shock once you opened it. :(
davcomp Aug 7, 2002 01:38 PM
My iBook has the original body style. It is a Rev. B though. This morning I completely reassembled it and still no tones/beeps and the screen doesn't come on at all. I found out my homeowners policy might cover this, so, any word on how much this will cost them? I need it for a deductible. Please advise! Also, I went ahead and ordered a firewire enclosure for my hard drive so hopefully the data and the drive are fine and I can transfer it to the powerbook that should be arriving tomorrow!
iNub Aug 7, 2002 03:53 PM
I have the iBook dual USB iBook if that's what you have. Let me find my service manual real quick and tell you what 3 beeps means.
iNub Aug 7, 2002 04:08 PM
Three beeps: No RAM banks passed memory testing.
1. If a RAM card is installed in the expansion slot, remove it and
put in known-good and compatible RAM and restart. If symptom does NOT
repeat, replace RAM card. If symptom repeats, replace logic board.

2. If no RAM card is installed, replace logic board.
iNub Aug 7, 2002 04:14 PM

No sound from speaker(s).


Internal Use Only
Troubleshooting Procedure
The steps to solve a symptom are listed sequentially. You might not
need to perform every step before the symptom is solved. Start with
the first step, and then test for the symptom. If the symptom
persists, replace any modules you removed, go to the next step, and
test again.

Continue down the list until the symptom is solved.

1. Use the Software Update control panel to verify that the latest
audio update has been installed.

2. Press the F3 key (with the fn key pressed and not pressed) to
verify that mute mode is not enabled.

3. Press the F4 or F5 key (with the fn key pressed and not pressed)
to check the volume setting.

4. Verify no external speakers or headphones are plugged in.

5. Check the speakers tab on the Sound control panel to confirm that
the software is correctly seeing that there are no external speakers
or headphones connected.

6. Shutdown computer and restart.

7. Reset PRAM (Press the power button, then hold down the Option
Command-P-R keys until you hear the startup chime at least one
additional time after the initial startup chime).

8. Verify that the speaker cable is connected properly to logic

9. Replace top case.

10. Replace logic board.
iNub Aug 7, 2002 04:18 PM
Or from the original iBook service manual:


Power-On Self Test

A power-on self test resides in the ROM of the iBook. This test
automatically runs whenever the computer is turned on after
being fully shut down (the power-on self test does not run if the
computer is only restarted). If a problem is detected during the
test, you will not hear a normal startup chime. Instead, the
system will give a series of beeps.

One beep: No RAM is detected.

Two beeps: EDO memory is installed. The iBook ships with SDRAM
SO-DIMMs and does not accept EDO memory.

Three beeps: No RAM banks passed memory testing.

Four beeps: Bad checksum for the remainder of the boot ROM. The
ROM (which is located on the microprocessor module) is bad.
iNub Aug 7, 2002 04:22 PM
I don't see anything about blinking sleep lights in either manaul though.
davcomp Aug 7, 2002 04:25 PM
Wow, thanks a bunch. I can't test it yet, but I do have an extra 64 megs for my iBook laying around somewhere at home. I'll find it and test that. Hopefully all I need to to is replace the ram who knows. I'll let you know as soon as I can try it! Thanks!
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