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sozkan Mar 9, 2006 11:34 PM
I found information on the web that VERIZON started to offer a program to use your phone as a Broadband modem.

I called verizon but their reps don’t know anything.

than I deiced to go to a store but no luck they did not know too called the technical support they told me that they do have a package that I can add to use my phone as a broadband phone.

I went back to the store port my phone number to VERIZON got the V3 and a usb cable to be able to connect to my macbook.

Signed up to 59.99 broadband access program

and TAHT is IT


No software required

Plug in your USB cable

Get in to network preferences os x will tel you you have a new port available pick V3c


Service Pr. anything you like
Account name
Password vzw
Telephone #777


Verizon Support (PC 5220)

Uncheck wait for dial tone

Show modem status in menu bar


Now close everything and on the menu bar click the phone icon and connect

VALA you got the broadband speed I can not believe no one knows this I am so frustrated I am no computer genius people here must know better
x user Mar 10, 2006 02:30 AM
It can also work over bluetooth with some phones (motorolla E815 is one) with a phone firmware hack. It works Awesome, and you can leave your phone on your waste with no wire :)
Rumz Mar 10, 2006 03:13 AM
How fast is the broadband, realistically?

And what's the speed limitation of Bluetooth (assume that one's phone has the latest commonly available version of bluetooth).
inkhead Mar 10, 2006 12:53 PM
I use it everyday, from my verizon razr v3c. I get from 100k/sec to 800k/sec. The biggest thing you can do to speed it up is enter your own DNS servers (or a friend who has ones) INSTEAD of using verizon's DNS servers. It nearly triples the speed of connections (latency between them, making pages and connections initiate much quicker)

You can't just use the dialing info above... You have to call (if you already have verizon they can activate the $59.99 evdo plan over the phone, without a CONTRACT) and then you will have to get off the phone and dial #221?? Or whatever they tell you (which forces the firmware settings on your phone to update for ev-do modem. (without this, and without setting it up with a verizon rep you'll never get evdo working.) For modem type you select PC5220 (verizon) from the list...

Also don't bother to use bluetooth. Get a USB data cable at the verizon store (for motorola's that's just a min-usb cable) because bluetooth is hella slow, and drops out from the modem all the time. Not to mention it kills your cellphone's battery.

I take the train everyday into SF (for about an hour), and back for (hour) and use the ev-do the whole way for 2 hours. With my macbook pro I sucesfully did a video chat, using the built in isight, it had some latency but was COOL to see!
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