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HanClinto Oct 21, 2007 12:56 AM
Yet Another MBP Keyboard Spill. Advice needed!
Hey all!

So I've read a number of requests on the forum here asking for advice with water spilled onto their keyboards, but I haven't quite run into one like my own. So I'm making a new post about it, but if I missed an appropriate thread in my search, I do apologize for wasting your time.

Several days ago I spilled a bit of water onto my laptop keyboard -- maybe 1 or 2 oz -- not a ton, but still a significant amount when not much is needed to make a short. I spilled it fairly dead-center, mainly in the area of the JNM keys. I quickly shut down the laptop, unplugged it, wiped up what I could, and left it for a day.

The next day, I was feeling kindof bored and wanted to use my laptop, so I booted it up and was merrily playing a game. All was well, and the laptop worked great... for about half an hour. At that point, the keyboard stopped responding *completely*. No warning, no stuck keys, just complete and utter non-response.

So I was able to exit the game and shutdown the laptop with just the mouse, at which point I unplugged it and left it on its side in front of a fan for 24 hrs. After I did that, I decided to try it again to see if it worked at all. I turned on my laptop, and the keyboard is still completely unresponsive. It doesn't register *any* keypresses -- whether fn-f5 to raise the volume, up/down arrow keys, caps lock, or the spacebar.

The mouse still works.

When I put my hands over the light sensors, the keyboard still lights up.

I have not yet tried it, but I can guess with reasonable certainty that plugging in an external keyboard would work.

So I guess I'm looking for some suggestions and advice. The laptop is fairly new -- less than a year old.

I don't have Apple Care, though from reading other threads, it doesn't sound like it would help too much with an accident like this anyways.

Can I do something DIY? I could buy a new keyboard and install it myself, but the way it's behaving makes me seriously wonder if the keyboard controller isn't fried or something. Is that on the mobo?

How badly am I hosed?

Is there anyone with internal knowledge of the hardware layout of the MBP, or the Apple non-warranty repair program that could give me some clues as to what my options are?

Thanks so much!

SVass Oct 21, 2007 11:32 AM
First, always remove the battery as well as turning the computer off after the spill. And there are no guarantees as to what was damaged by the liquid as it flows to the local low spot wherever that is and that is determined by the angles that the device assumed while being handled. sam
SierraDragon Oct 21, 2007 06:46 PM
Deleted by poster.
HanClinto Oct 22, 2007 10:23 AM
Thanks for the tips, Sam. You're right -- I should have removed the battery -- that was one thing that I neglected to do at first.

I would just take this into the Apple Store, but there isn't one anywhere very close to me as I'm in the middle of rural Indiana.

I'm very disconcerted that the keyboard has stopped working entirely. I'm very scared that some sort of keyboard controller on the mobo might have fried, but since everything else on the computer works, I'm not sure. If it's just the keyboard that fried, I can order another one lickety-split and install it myself.
bishopazrael Oct 23, 2007 02:50 PM
For now your only option is a USB keyboard.

for future reference, if you spill water on something, or drop something in water, you can put it in a bag of rice and the rice will soak up ALL the ambient moister. It'll pull it right out from the electronics. In the case of the laptop, I would have removed the battery, propped it open, but flipped upside down and put it in a shut garbage bag with a few layers of rice underneath and let it dry out for at least 2 days.

I've saved 2 cell phones and 4 ipods for friends like this.
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