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Rex963 Apr 15, 2013 05:33 AM
Research on migrating to entourage
Hey Everyone,

I am doing a research on migrating to ENTOURAGE from Ms OUTLOOK. I have purchased a Mac Book Pro a month ago and want to get rid of my windows pc. But before that i need to transfer my mails to entourage some how. I have surfed through many forum sites and found that there are tools available for this kind of migration. A few i came to know about are : Pst Converter Pro, Emailchemy, O2M, Pst Exporter and convert my email.

I am a little confused among these tools, and need your help to shed some light on the functioning and which tool is the best to solve my issue. I am losing some precious time so i ask for quick and smart answers.Looking forward for positive replies.
Thank you
Spheric Harlot Apr 15, 2013 06:13 AM
When you first set up your MacBook, the Migration Assistant will ask you whether to transfer all your data from an existing PC. That includes all contacts and e-mails, and it works completely automatically. You can then probably easily import into Outlook or Entourage from the stock OS X apps. This has been the case since OS X Lion 10.7.

Back when the built-in Migration Assistant didn't do this automatically, I had some success with O2M.

Please note that WE HATE SPAMMERS HERE, so the people who will now freshly sign up to offer helpful tips on useful commercial software will be hunted down and eaten.

Also, your version of Office is ancient. Entourage hasn't been available for Mac since late 2010.
I suggest you update your marketing material.

Also, this is a software question. Wrong forum.
OreoCookie Apr 15, 2013 09:09 AM
Please continue the discussion in the apps forum thread. Closing …
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