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Nassifer May 25, 2012 09:20 AM
Webpage Icons
Good day all, I have a quick question maybe an easy one but for me it was not. I tried to drag a webpage link icon to my desktop so I just have to click on the icon to go to a certain webpage (Facebook) but the icon is an ugly paper looking thing, is there a way to change that to say the FB logo so I can see it then click it ?

Thorzdad May 25, 2012 10:10 AM
First, you have to enable "Show icon preview" in Finder > View > Show View Options.

I just tried this...
• Right-click on the Facebook icon on the webpage. Select "Copy Image"
• On your desktop, Command-I on the link you earlier dragged to the desktop.
• Click on the ugly paper-looking icon in the upper left corner.
• Command-V

That should give you the icon on your desktop. It'll probably be fuzzy and ugly, though, as you are copying a low-resolution image.
andi*pandi May 25, 2012 11:44 AM
If you want to get really fancy and make your desktop look iOS-like, you can grab an icon set from here:

Facebook, Google, Twitter icon | Icon Search Engine

Or any other place with free icons, and put it in as Thorzdad described. Facebook did use to have a "brand page" with their icon for sharing, but damned if I can find it now.

edit: oh wait, I found it:
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