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Hawkeye_a Apr 26, 2013 11:36 PM
Adobe Flash 11.7.7 update requires download?
Just wondering if any of you guys have updated Adobe Flash to v 11.7.7.... using the System Preferences Adobe Flash, update mechanism.
I tried it today and for the first time it took me to Adobe's website and i had to download a disk image with installer. (Up to now, it would just run the updater and download and update without requiring to download a disk image, etc).

angelmb Apr 27, 2013 03:44 AM
I noticed that too when updating to v.11.7.700.169.

While we are at it…
Spheric Harlot Apr 27, 2013 04:32 AM
Well, it's pretty ****ed up, isn't it? Not only is Adobe Flash itself a security problem and attack vector, but the even bigger problem is people installing unverified software. And one of the major malware infections on Mac manifested as a supposed Flash update.

What to do?
Ideally, install automatically in the background. Not permissible for security reasons.
So an updater that does nothing but pop up an updater window and prompt people for their password. Well, that's how malware got installed last time around.
So now they check and then bump you to the regular download page, which is the most annoying, but least insecure method.

Oddly, they still have a system preference that claims to "allow updates automatically", which has never actually worked.
turtle777 Apr 27, 2013 10:48 PM
Adobe continues to show what a f$&@ing piece of sh!t Flash is.
I know how to stay safe, but how could I ever explain my mother or any other non-tech savy person ?

Bunch of f&$@tards.

lpkmckenna Apr 30, 2013 05:48 AM
The fact that Flash can't update itself within the System Prefs pane and requires an annoying trip to the web proves how moronic Adobe's devs are.
The Final Dakar Apr 30, 2013 11:23 AM
It need to stop trying to trick me into letting it update automatically every time I update it.
Spheric Harlot Apr 30, 2013 02:03 PM
Quote, Originally Posted by The Final Dakar (Post 4228431)
It need to stop trying to trick me into letting it update automatically every time I update it.
You can click whatever you like. It doesn't work anyway.
SM0 A9F4 Apr 30, 2013 04:31 PM
Required for Facebook Upload
I was wondering why I was having trouble uploading pictures to my Facebook account recently. Googling the error message ("Storage failure") turned up a message thread about upgrading to the latest Flash. I was already running 11.6 and was wondering why I needed it. Anyway, the upgrade took me to the wrong page, which made me suspicious. So, I quit my browser and found the right version manually.

The upgrade did fix the problem, but I was not impressed.

Why would such a minor version difference break FB uploads?

Why would the Control Panel upgrade link take me to the wrong page?

Still wondering.

Not good for us paranoid types. :-(
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