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nuno1959 Sep 2, 2013 01:44 PM
transfer files to HD so they can be read in Windows 7..
Hi guys

i recently finished transferring, writing, encoding, editing & whatnot a whole bunch of movies my Dad & Uncles made when my cousins & i were kids at family gatherings, etc....
that plus A WHOLE BUNCH of childhood photos totals 2TB + & a few cousins asked me to make copies for them. problem is i seem to be the only Mac user in the family & they all have Windows systems...

now if i understand correctly i could format the drives ( most likely WD My Books w/ USB3 or something.. ) in FAT32 but that won't allow me to copy the whole drive's content in one go, am i correct ? FAT32 only allowing 4GB blocks at a time or something ?....

does anyone have any idea how i could do this so it doesn't take AGES - pretty much like using Carbon Copy Cloner or something ?

or even if i could use indeed CCC ( THAT would be ACE !!.. ) & they would have to install some software on their Windows systems that would allow them to access the data on their drives written by my iMac

any help would be greatly appreciated, i HAVE looked around but was unsuccessful at finding anything really...

regards to all

reader50 Sep 2, 2013 02:15 PM
This should go in another subforum, but I'm not sure of the best one. Moving to Mac OS X for the moment, though Alt OS could fit too.

Have you considered burning the movies to dual-layer DVDs? That would bump your max filesize to 8.5 GB. Or you could format an external to NTFS, and use a hack or 3rd party driver to activate write support.

If you have the upload capacity (and your ISP doesn't block incoming port 80), you could place the video files in your Sites folder and turn on file sharing. Give the address to your relatives. Or you could zip them into a password-protected file, and create a private torrent.
P Sep 2, 2013 04:32 PM
The point about FAT32 is that the maximum file size is 4GB. In particular movies (say if they came from a DVD) can be larger than that. I haven't heard of an issue copying multiple files that total more than 4GB. Admittedly I've never tried, but that would be a clear implementation bug rather than a spec limitation.

If you have files bigger than 4GB, then the solution is to use something called exFAT, sort of an updated version of FAT32. It is supported on a fully patched Snow Leopard and any Windows from Vista on. Support for XP is available from Microsoft.

If you're comfortable in the terminal, I find that a copy there can be way faster than in the Finder.
shifuimam Sep 2, 2013 05:50 PM
If you have a Windows machine handy, what you COULD do is plug your external drive into the Windows machine, share it over SMB, and copy your files to it that way. That will allow you to format the external drive as NTFS and copy files to it from OS X without running into any problems.
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