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bill7849393 Dec 21, 2013 05:18 PM
Error 69720 on creating Fusion drive
I'm trying to create a fusion drive on my Mac Mini. I just installed a Samsung 128GB SDD and kept the existing 500GB harddrive that came with the Mac Mini.

The first step worked fine - diskutil cs create "drivename" driveIDs
I then did the second step - diskutil cs createVolume group string jhfs+ volume name size
and received the following error:

Bills-Mac-mini:~ ashley$ diskutil cs createVolume E11244A9-4E06-4E7B-8A98-82070B352644 jhfs+ Macintosh\ HD 100%
Started CoreStorage operation
Error: -69720: There is not enough free space in the Core Storage Logical Volume Group for this operation

diskutil cs list shows the following configuration of my disks. Something looks odd? Can anyone help?

Bills-Mac-mini:~ ashley$ diskutil cs list
CoreStorage logical volume groups (1 found)
+-- Logical Volume Group E11244A9-4E06-4E7B-8A98-82070B352644
================================================== =======
Name: Macintosh
Status: Online
Size: 627455590400 B (627.5 GB)
Free Space: 24576 B (24.6 KB)
+-< Physical Volume 12C59FFD-B0B3-4C4D-B015-E58D8953C1A0
| ----------------------------------------------------
| Index: 0
| Disk: disk1s2
| Status: Online
| Size: 127691702272 B (127.7 GB)
+-< Physical Volume 0AD3CE54-C3F2-41B3-8660-93ADF326581D
| ----------------------------------------------------
| Index: 1
| Disk: disk0s2
| Status: Online
| Size: 499763888128 B (499.8 GB)
+-> Logical Volume Family EBF03EEB-F64D-4BB5-A637-8565BA98E3E3
Encryption Status: Unlocked
Encryption Type: None
Conversion Status: NoConversion
Conversion Direction: -none-
Has Encrypted Extents: No
Fully Secure: No
Passphrase Required: No
+-> Logical Volume EB98A974-C58B-496C-8D47-3B2F5420D1F4
Disk: disk3
Status: Online
Size (Total): 620431933440 B (620.4 GB)
Size (Converted): -none-
Revertible: No
LV Name: Macintosh HD
Volume Name: Macintosh HD
Content Hint: Apple_HFS
bill7849393 Dec 21, 2013 06:33 PM
I fixed my own problem

My two errors:
- When creating fusion disk didn't specific the create drive partitions, e.g. disk1s2 vs disk2
- I was able to start over by following the link - How to Delete Your Mac's Fusion Drive - Delete Core Storage Volume
- I was able to finally create the fusion drive without error by following directions on this link - Create a Fusion Drive on Your Mac - Create the Logical Volume
ghporter Dec 22, 2013 07:39 PM
Welcome, and thanks for dropping back by to let us know what happened.
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