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b0sc0 Dec 22, 2013 03:04 PM
Odd folders in my Music folder
I've got a bunch of two letter folders in my Music folder (actually an external HD) that seem to be added by iTunes. When I open one of these, it contains files with names like d0ef6b35d73ca6d7f433e52dc80e06c751ad0309.file. If I look at the info window for the file, it says it's an iTunes document with iTunes as the default opening app. If I double click the file, to open it, nothing happens. I'm running iTunes 11.0.4 on a Mac Mini running 10.6.8. I remember this starting after an update, but not the latest, because I tried deleting some of them, and it messed up my Library and I had to reload a bunch of music. Are they something that should be hidden, but show up because my music is on an external drive? Are they essential to iTunes to play my music? Can I move them to my startup disk and leave more space for my music on my external drive, or will iTunes not see them if I move them? Should I be able to delete them? There's at least 200 of these folders on my HD with names from 00 to ff. There are none with names past ff, and then just real music folders, but up to ff, my real music folders with names that begin with letters below f are mixed with these odd folders that do nothing when I open them. Would someone please explain this to me?
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