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MikeM32 Mar 16, 2001 02:58 PM
Eyes Wide Shut
Kubricks last motion picture (and strangest ) But well worth the nudity factor Was just watching it lastnight on HBO.

Anyway Tom Cruise plays a Doctor and is seen in his office in one scene with a (I believe) a G3 all-in-one.

cube-dude Mar 16, 2001 05:36 PM
I missed the G3 . . . but then the movie DID have a lot of other "distractions" . . .

And what the heck is Cruise thinking about anyway divorcing wife/co-star Nicole Kidman? That hair, voice, skin - not to mention their two adopted kids and 10 years of marriage - the guy must be stoopid.

Just remembered that the divorce documents he filed stated "9 years, 11 months". (Gotta love People magazine.) In many U.S. states, a full 10 year marriage gives the ex-wife a ton more financial consideration. So he's a prick on top of it! </brown-nosing in case she's reading this>
finboy Mar 16, 2001 09:41 PM
I think it's a 5200 or a 5400 all-in-one, but I'll check tonight, if I can find it (of course I have the DVD -- it's Kubrick for crying out loud!).

My favorite part of that movie, and my favorite line ever performed by N. Kidman -- the last word.

Did you guys see "To Die For" where she played a shallow, fortune-seeking bee-otch? It didn't seem like much of a stretch for her. Good movie.

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that?
Daishi Mar 16, 2001 10:50 PM
I also missed the G3. I was probably asleep, though. That movie was horribly drawn out...
finboy Mar 19, 2001 11:44 AM
Yep, it's a 5200/5400 all-in-one form factor on his desk at work. Probably a Performa, since most of the overseas machines were performas (it was shot in England, almost exclusively, if I remember). And I think he has a 6100-class on his desk at home (when he's hiding the bag with the costume in it).

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that?
cube-dude Mar 19, 2001 11:54 AM
Thanks, finboy.

Sorry to make you suffer through all that movie's "eye candy" again!

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finboy Mar 23, 2001 05:53 PM
That's me -- give, give, give and no take.

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that!!?!!
cube-dude May 18, 2001 08:03 PM
Kidman and the creator of her newest flick, Moulin Rouge, were on Oprah today and a G3 PowerBook was shown in a behind the scenes production video.

Moulin Rouge opened here and in L.A. today after being postponed from December 2000. Hopefully it'll be better than her last one. Anybody see it yet?
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