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benschilke Aug 9, 2001 09:55 AM
The MegaHertz Challenge (?)
I'm just wondering if anyone could give an informed opinion on the feasibility and/or likelihood of Apple creating some sort of demo in the Apple section of CompUSA stores, for example, where a Mac and a Wintel machine were run side by side to show that the Mac with a lower Mhz processor keeps up or is sometimes faster. It could have a big sign over it saying something like "It's time for you to be told the truth about processor speed."


(Maybe this has been suggested before.)
<R3z> Aug 9, 2001 03:49 PM
Hey, sorry to say, not real likely

While it'd be a great show for Apple (almost forgot to capitolize ;) ), I can't think of a single pc maker out there who'd willingly embarass themselves like that. Sure, Compaq's been doing it for years, but not quite this blatently :D

The only other option would be for Apple to make their own PC to put on display, but as soon as word got out Apple had made their display pc, the message would be lost.

Sorry, nifty idea, but you'd need a really naive pc maker, and Apple'd probably pick up a lawsuit in the process (slander or something....)
CityGuy2003 Aug 9, 2001 04:30 PM
along the same lines as this apple should have either their own people or people they train working in the macintosh section of compusa. at least in our local one at most their is one compusa employee who ever goes near the macintosh section, they never know anything about the computers, and they always try to steer you towards a PC...just a thought
benschilke Aug 10, 2001 01:49 AM
Well, maybe that could be part of the strategy: challenging a pc maker to participate.

And even if Apple made their own PC, couldn't they use the equivalent generic parts (except for the Pentium processor, of course)--with a list of the parts listed clearly?
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