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jholmes Mar 23, 2001 08:18 AM
Doonesbury Cubed
In today's strip it looks like Mike Doonesbury has a new Cube and a CRT Apple display. Either that or there's a kleenex box next to his monitor.

I notice in most of the comics anymore, when they show a computer they show an iMac. I've seen them in Sally Forth, Non Sequitur, the Foxtrot iFruit and a couple of others.

Does Apple "promote" these ideas or do cartoonists just think the Apples look cooler?
Mac_hiavelli Mar 23, 2001 01:39 PM
Mac_Jedi Mar 26, 2001 11:39 AM
I dont think apple does any deals to do it, they just look more appealing.

Most Comics with computers use imac looking machines, its just a very easy to identify object. Doonesbury has been putting iMacs, G3's G4's Powerbook's and the like in the strip since they started getting cool looking
cube-dude May 29, 2001 09:11 PM
From today's MacNN front page: "Several readers note that today's online edition of Doonesbury, a nationally syndicated comic, contains a Mac twist. In recent months, the comic has been decorated with Apple products, including the iMac, iBook, Cube, and Apple Studio Display."
WDL May 30, 2001 08:46 AM
There's a full page article in the June MacWorld by Bill Amend, the creator of FoxTrot (I love it!) on
the subject of Macs, which he uses for everything.

He purposely called the iMac in the strip the "iFruity" so that readers would not get the impression
he's in bed with Apple. He doesn't push anyones' product(s) - he happens to like and use Macs.

Love the sign that Jason (the nerd) hung on the wall next to the iMac - "Dad - do not drag the
hard drive to the trash!"


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