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tonbo0422 Sep 20, 2001 08:26 PM
10-fingered Woz!
bluedog Sep 21, 2001 08:34 AM
YOU CAUGHT HIM!!! And all these years, he made us think he's a 'hunt and peck' type of guy!?!
tonbo0422 Sep 21, 2001 10:35 AM
Well, apparently he slavishly answers all his emails, so he gets enough practice.

He has two matching dogs and a cat that occasionally prance around his office when nobody's in there. It's pretty funny.

Now don't you wish Jobs had a similar cam? (I can see it now: bare floor stretching out into darkness; a single halogen spot in the ceiling, Jobs sitting cross-legged in the middle, eating delivery sushi and reading the latest Forbes.)
bluedog Sep 21, 2001 12:34 PM
Yeah, I've seen his cat a few times. Its pretty funny! Just sitting there on his printer to the way left. When I panned the camera over to the printer, the cat just sat and looked at the cam. :)

I'd love to see Jobs in his house with a wireless TiBook. You're right he'd be cross-legged on the floor, but with his TiBook in his lap, looking at Forbes ONLINE!

[ 09-21-2001: Message edited by: bluedog ]
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