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komi Oct 24, 2001 09:46 PM
i need to know! iPod tv ad music

everyone seen the iPod tv ad at apple? well, does someone know the song being used?

i like it :)

sek929 Oct 24, 2001 10:17 PM
Propellerheads - Take California

Sweet Jam....other PH tunes are awesome too, get as many as you can :D
King Chung Huang Oct 24, 2001 11:17 PM
Originally posted by sek929:
<STRONG>Propellerheads - Take California</STRONG>
Yup. It's even visible on-screen during the closeup on iTunes on the iBook and on the iPod. :)
OwlBoy Oct 27, 2001 06:25 PM
Originally posted by King Chung Huang:

Yup. It's even visible on-screen during the closeup on iTunes on the iBook and on the iPod. :)</STRONG>
yeah it is hehe

Belle Oct 27, 2001 06:37 PM
I'm just glad Apple's ad agency is using decent music and not Steve's choice. Bare Naked Ladies and B52s would guarantee a drop in sales. :)

Does anyone have the direct download links for the iPod ad and the promo movie? I can't save them since QuickTime 5 killed my Pro key.
Dogma Oct 28, 2001 02:53 PM
Come on guys, be a bit more helpful than that!

Artist : Propellerheads
Track: Take California
Album : Decksanddrumsandrockandroll

This song was about on EP two years before the album came out and that came out like three years ago now!

The Props are v. cool, and you probably know their big hits - "History Repeating (with Shirley Bassey)", and "Bang on!".

Decksndrums has been on my Mac(s) as a constant staple for ages now.

If you just want just the track itself - look out a 'Future Funk' compilation from about 3 years ago, you know, something with Fatboy Slim's "Going out of my head" and "The Box" by The Orb.
Dogma Oct 28, 2001 02:59 PM
Re: your QT download.

Sorry dude, cos they're using a QT reference file in the page itself I can't find out the files it points to. I'm sure someone clever'll work it out, just too tecchie 4 me.
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