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Sir Bennly of iMacLand Oct 1, 1999 09:25 AM
iMacs in TV land
Let me just say I spend way too much time watching TV. However, spending quality time with the boobtube has allowed me to see numerous colorful computers, stuck in obvious positions, dancing before my eye's.
If you have seen Jennifer Lopezes video, If You Had My Love, then you would have noticed the wonderful tangerine iMac that dives into the water towards the end.
And should you happen to flip on Drew Carrey the you would probibly see that Meme has a bondie blue iMac sitting on her desk.
I will keep my eyes peeled in hopes that I will once again be privelaged to see one of these wonderful visitors land on my TV screen. So until next time,

Goodnight and happy viewing.
mwyounce Oct 4, 1999 09:19 AM
Mimi's iMac was a Bondi Blue one last year, but Winfred-Louder spent a little money on Mr. Wick's highly painted secretary, and she has a Grape iMac this season. It's too bad, as the bondi seemed to match her eyeshadow.

Also, in last season's Drew Carey April Fool's Day contest, where viewers had to spot and send in as many errors in the show as they could find, one was Mimi's Bondi iMac becoming a Strawberry iMac.

As for the Jennifer Lopez video, am I the only person who watches that video and feels sorry for the poor iMac? How dare they throw it in a pool! But then I see Jennifer and forget all about the iMac
wlonh Oct 4, 1999 03:28 PM
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It's a godawful show my girlfriend was watching (and after last night's second episode has now sworn off)so I can't say much good about it, but the folks on the new Gina Gershon/Paula Marshall private eye show "Snoops" use Apple stuff--the nice new monitors, keyboards, iMacs, etc. The screens they have on the monitors look like they're made specifically for the show with a combo of Kaliediscope and Photoshop. All very futuristic and high-tech looking. No beige!
FormalGent Oct 4, 1999 04:35 PM
In addition to noting the Snoops' Studio Displays (very nice translucent blue TFTs), I was going to mention on 'Two Guys and a Girl,' also on ABC, Sharon was using an iBook two episodes ago, which would mean two weeks ago Wed, I believe. Considering the advanced taping of shows, that must have been one of the first of the assembly line!

Also, is it a wonder ABC is so Mac friendly?
Both Apple and ABC use the same ad agency.
ABC generally has very bright shows, where no corpse or crime is involved, due to its family based programming, and what could fit better in a bright, cheerful environment than an iMac, iBook, or other candy colored computer?
Formal Gent
'There is no spoon.' - Neo, the Matrix
iMo Oct 18, 1999 08:53 PM
The cabel channel "TV Land" which shows all the old shows is running a commericial about a contest they are having about who knows the most about the old shows and in the commercial they SHOW AN iMAC!! Tangerine I think. I think it might be one of their prizes. It's nice to see the iMac on TV. It's naturally photogenic..
sek929 Nov 6, 1999 08:49 PM
Did anyone notice in the movie "you've got mail" that meg ryan (the small bookstore owner) uses a mac powerbook while Tom hanks (big corperate guy) uses an ibm i find that amusing.
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