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Taloston Prez Jul 24, 2000 08:34 AM
Sir Bennly had a topic about this almost a year ago, but I thought I might resurrect it with a new bit of info...
As some of us may know, Angelina Jolie's character of Acid Burn (Kate) is obsessed with her new Powerbook, and is heard to exclaim and rant about how RISC is going to make "a dent in the world" or something, hehehe...

This however, is not the only Steve Jobs reference! When the....guys....(can't remember any names), first see the pretty Powerbook on her desk, one is heard to remark "Holy sh*t, that's INSANELY GREAT!". If that doesn't pay homage to Steve, I don't know what does...

Trevor Haldenby
Taloston Prez Jul 24, 2000 08:35 AM
(And I do recognize the irony that Steve Jobs at that time probably had nothing to do with Apple portable production, as he was exiled in the desert having fun with Pixar and NEXT)

Trevor Haldenby
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