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KymbaKhan Dec 29, 2000 09:44 PM
Bidet Commercial - in Chinese...
go figure..

watching My Date With A Vampire on SF Channel 26 {local international broadcasting} and a commercial started. caught my attention right away because in the foreground is an iBook!

so, the scene is set overlooking a desk with an iBook on it. we're looking at "Mom" sitting across the room on the sofa as Jr. and his wife enter carrying a reasonably large white box. "COOL," i think, "they're buying Mom an iBook!"

not SO! the cutaways show a remarkably odd set of diagrams & schematics, and since when did computers of any kind enjoy the presence of so much water... oh.. huh... "Mom" has her face near a plastic ring, she tilts her head and grins as a stream of water splits the air, looking as pleased as if she'd spotted a nyniad..

that thing is a Bidet! eventually it becomes clear, someone is standing near a toilet or something like that. amazing...


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