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Randycat2001 Jan 9, 2001 11:17 PM
Dark Angel on Fox riddled with Apple shots
Anybody see it tonight? Overt shots of the Apple logo on the back of a giant LCD display, a Cube (with Apple logo in clear view), and several scenes showing the Pro-keyboard in use! It kind of kills the suspension of belief though- the computer of choice (for one person, at least) in year 2020 is a Cube??? Flattering, but pretty optimistic, IMO. What about the EMF pulse? Am I to believe that Apple products were somehow immune to this?
bleen Jan 10, 2001 03:14 AM
Maybe we'll see the new Titanium Powerbook soon
P7 Jan 10, 2001 12:00 PM
My wife and I were laughing about that last night, actually ... we felt it was a good sense of irony that the product hurting Apple the most at present (the Cube) is the one that, in the end, seems to have the most longevity, and with some bullet-proof version of the Cinema Display.

Tho' it's odd and frustrating that in ten years they seem to go back to having the log on the PowerBook be upside down...
jlbanker Jan 10, 2001 12:17 PM
Even though I am a card carrying cult member Mac User I think the fact that they are using a recognizeable computer from modern times for the year 2020 even if a lot of the computers were wiped out is retarded. It is nice to see the Macs but they look out of place. Unless they gave a back story where all the PCs were ruined and all the Macs were saved then that would make sense. Like there was some warehouse of Macs somehow protected. Most the movies I like and TV shows I like are based on how many Macs I see but Dark Angel's competition has Macs too Angel and since I have been watching the Mac carrying Angel longer I will continue to not watch Dark Angel.
Randycat2001 Jan 10, 2001 02:39 PM
I don't mind so much. Apple can use all of the publicity it can get. Ultimately, its a good target [this show] for product placement, if one were to choose an "in" show to appear in. It's just funny to watch and see what they will try to pull when it comes to product exposure short of an all-out commercial.

The flip-side to all of this is that these particular Apple products aren't that really out-of-place appearance-wise in a show set in a psuedo-techno-regressive environment set in the future. People unfamiliar with Apple stuff may not even pickup on these strategic product placements that are seemingly blatant to us [Apple fans]. Then if they see it really exists in a store or a catalog, that would just blow their mind. If they are a fan of the show or the story, they'll surely consider getting one just to have a piece of the show.

Come to think of it, I've never really wanted a motorcycle, but seeing how they are depicted in the show has really made me think, "What if?..." The motorcycle brands aren't even particularly special in any way. It's just that fearlessly brash, aggressive nature (and we know how well Ms. Angel seems to play into that quality) that makes me want to be just like that.

One thing- I really hate the futuristic cars that appear in the show. Man are they ugly, IMO. That really shuts down the suspension of disbelief for me because they look like they came right out of some weird, explorative car design exercise from today's manufacturers.
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