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suhail Sep 10, 2000 07:03 PM
Is Sage the wrong color on Apple Ads?
I may be wrong, but shouldn't sage be on the green side. If so, then how come in the Macworld magazine, the inside front cover shows an Apple ad with a Sage iMac, but its color is more blue. Even on TV the Sage iMac looked more blue. Did someone else realize this?
Bockie Sep 10, 2000 11:36 PM
I've noticed this, also. I just assumed the TV ads were discolored due to my patheticly old television.
Kenneth Sep 12, 2000 03:35 PM

The Sage iMac, which printed on the first page of MacWorld, does show the "Sage" color. I don't have any problem seeing this color.


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Misha Sep 14, 2000 09:01 PM
I second what Kenneth said...
bood69 Sep 20, 2000 09:04 PM
suhail, I have had similar troubles making the distinction....I'm red-green color blind and this hampers my perception sometimes....
suhail Sep 20, 2000 09:24 PM
ha ha ha, you guys are so funny.
bood69 Sep 22, 2000 07:40 PM
Um, I wasn't joking....geez.
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