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John Sep 15, 2000 07:56 AM
PowerBooks used by the Pentagon on NBC
It was Wenesday night this week, and the wife and I were bored... so we turned on the TV. We were watching NBC, which was showing "The West Wing" and the last episode from last season. If you haven't watched it, the show is about the President and the events surrounding him and his staff... pretty good actually.

Anyways, as I former military person, I had to laugh, when they showed the President in his "Situation Room" getting a briefing from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The camera panned the room as the President walked in, and there on the rather large conference desk, were a lot of PowerBooks, all sitting in front of the Joint Chiefs, who looked to be trying to use them... the funny thing is that NBC tried to depict the military generals using PowerBooks, which I find highly unlikely, as the military's top IMO people all love Windows on the Desktop... mainly due to the fact that Outlook is the primary application for email and scheduling in the military.

Nice product placement, but terribly unlikely....

(BTW, next week is the season premier of the West Wing... watch it if you have time... great show!)
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