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MacOS761 Jun 9, 2000 03:20 PM
I don't come here often, but I was struck by the use of Macs in Mission: Impossible 2. The prevalent PowerBook at the mission briefing was a great product shot, and I liked seeing all the Studio Displays in the Chimera production lab. Unfortunately, a bunch got shot up pretty bad, but at least they were in there! Pretty good movie overall... whadda you guys think?
disectamac Jun 9, 2000 03:55 PM
I think that Apple comps were also present in Mission Impossible 1 (Powerbook). I also think that I might overlooked the Apple comps getting trashed in MI2. I also think that although there is someone in particular who has done a lot of work in getting Apple products into Hollywood for years now a lot of trendy movie types maybe requesting Apple comps simply because they look high tech and futuristic, fitting in and giving a certain appeal, and feel to scenes shot.
slushy Jun 14, 2000 01:41 PM
Actually, Tom Cruise himself is quite the staunch Mac user. Since he was at least co-producer, I'll bet he had something to do with Mac placement in the film. I once heard a story about a Planet Hollywood grand opening that he attended, maybe in Europe, in which halfway through the evening, he went next door to a cyber-cafe to play Marathon.
The Godfather Jun 14, 2000 01:56 PM
I haven't seen MI:2 so I don't know which Apple computers where used in the scenes... Mac SE/30's? Performas? iMacs? G4s?

Do you think the studio that filmed MI:2 will have a clearance sale of all the beaten-up computers? I wouldn't mind a G4 with a bullet sticking in the side Apple logo

I also remember that for Bond:Goldeneye Mac 9500's where used by the evil forces to control their electromagnetic pulse satellite. Am I right?

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MacOS761 Jun 14, 2000 04:01 PM
The only ones I noticed were those mentioned in my first post. The PB was a G3, so the big glowing Apple was easy to see!
dionysus_olympus Jun 16, 2000 01:41 PM
What did they do with all the shot-up Apple computers anyway? THEIR REPAIR BILL MUST'VE BEEN HUGE! Just kidding...hehe.

Did you have your Mac today? :)
yuhui Jul 1, 2000 12:54 AM
What did they do with all the shot-up Apple computers anyway? THEIR REPAIR BILL MUST'VE BEEN HUGE! Just kidding...hehe.

That's why it's called "Mission: Impossible".
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