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primecut Sep 23, 2000 07:53 PM
Apple Expo controversy?
Hello, I just watched the webcast of the expo, and here are a few things I would like to point out. For those of you who watched the webcast, please let me know what you think.

1. During the photoshop demo against the PIII, why were the specs of the PIII left out? What if the PIII had less ram, or a slower hard drive? If it was a fair demo, then they would include specs for both machines.

2. During the Rage Pro vs. Radeon Q3 demo, the Radeon appeared WAY faster than the rage. For those of you who know q3 benchmarks, if you look closely you'll notice that the Radeon is running a timedemo while the rage is running a normal demo!? Of course the timedemo is faster!

I'm not doubting the power of the G4 or the Radeon, but these demos aren't very convincing. What do you think?

kertong Sep 23, 2000 07:59 PM
hey primecut

I watched the quicktime movie too.. (had problems on my connection but I got to see enough)..

I know the G4 is fast as heck, and I'm not surprised that it edges out a gigahertz pentium.. but yeah, it was WAY faster.

but then again, remmeber how apple pulled benchmark results right from intel's website, and compared them with their own apple benchmarks? I'm sure the intel used in "intel's website" was pretty equipped - none of the slow harddisk and low ram machine stuff.

Also, yeah.. if steve DID pit it against a choked PIII machine, I wouldn't be too surprised. Did you see the OS X demo? That thing flowed when he resized windows! My G4 450mhz slows to a crawl when i attempt to resize any window.....
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