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fletch521 Sep 25, 2000 02:43 PM
I recived an advertisement for's Speed Path DSL service that had two pictures on the cover of a 500 MHz. iMac DV SE. The best part is that Ameritech will not support Mac with its DSL service.

Adam Silver Sep 25, 2000 09:46 PM
That will change. Ameritech will offer Mac users access to its DSL service soon.
Scott_H Sep 25, 2000 11:58 PM
Sure. They'll charge $100 a month and it'll take 4 weeks to install. Then you'll get 10 telemarketing calls a week asking if you want DSL service. When you call to get off the phone spam list they'll require your mother's maiden name and your SSN.

Other than that Ameritech is great!
Adam Silver Sep 26, 2000 02:44 AM
Ameritech may be dragging its feet on DSL for Mac users, but it isn't that bad. It's $40 a month. And they already have your personal information, so any direct marketing you get from them, you would have gotten anyway.
Misha Oct 3, 2000 12:51 PM
Having just moved to the area I must say that Bell Atlantic (Verizon)--which already sucks quite a bit--sucks less than Ameritech.

Forget DSL, Ameritech charged my buddy $55 to change his phone # to another location (25' away). Bell Atlantic does this for free.

To get another line installed, it will cost me $150. I had the same work done by Bell Atlantic last year for less than $50.

Monopolies are fun.
johnnydigital Oct 4, 2000 06:40 PM
I work in Datacomm and deal with many different telcos. Ameritech is the second worst. Only US West (now owned by Qwest) is worst. Hopefully Qwest will turn them around, then Ameritech will be #1 for shitty telcos.
Kozmik Oct 6, 2000 10:10 PM
Ameritech is the worst company in existance.
Scott_H Oct 13, 2000 07:01 PM
I had a friend of mine move to St Louis. The local phone wanted tons of cash for all the features she wanted, caller id, voice mail.... Solution? Cell phone. Cost less and you take it with you.
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