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bryh28 Sep 29, 2000 07:35 AM
We just got the third series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on UK terrestrial TV last night. And Buffy's new room-mate at University had a strawberry DV.

This is on top of last weeks sighting of what looked like a blueberry iMac on Angel. (Also just begun on UK terrestrial TV).

Is the iMac a vampires computer of choice?
andi*pandi Oct 3, 2000 12:51 PM
Actually, macs have been on Buffy since the start, I believe. Willow totes a powerbook, and it featured heavily last season when she was trying to break Adam's code.

Oops, that may have been spoiler, as you've only just got season 3... sorry!

Season 4 continues to rock...

Angel is not so blatant about Mac use. Cordelia bought a cheap PC for the office... that's what it looks like and she's sooo cheap-er, thrifty. However, some of the closeups have appeared similar to MacOS, so perhaps they're faking the thrifty PC bit and there's a gleaming G4 hidden beneath the beige.

For what it's worth, any of the monsters on Buffy that have been computer savvy have appeared to use PCs. (Adam, definitely.)

andi*pandi Oct 4, 2000 12:47 PM
ok, an update...

<trying to leave out spoilers>

I was reminded by last night's spiffy episode that Angel's beige box faux PC suffered a crisis last season even worse than the dreaded "blue screen of death." Apparently Cordy forgot to sign up for the "massive explosion" clause in the extended warrantee.

Anyhow... end result?

Last night found our heros using a Graphite iBook to rummage thru city records. It had a pink sticky over the apple logo, but you really couldn't mistake it for anything else...

Next Week: A Sprahti-Ghoul oozes all over the iBook and, rather than send it to apple tech support, Wesley opts for the Cube as replacement...
bryh28 Oct 5, 2000 02:48 PM
Just watched Buffy.
It transpires that the girl with the strawb'DV was in fact a demon from another dimension.
But then you probably know that.
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