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Misha Jun 19, 2000 11:53 AM
Bad Religion
I Love My Computer (track 9 on their new CD) uses the default "Alert" sound from the Speech control panel... I take it these use Macs...
Anthony the PC lover Jun 19, 2000 07:13 PM
I saw Bad Religion in concert with Blink 182. Bad Religion totally stinks, and I'd be ashamed as a mac owner if they played the sound.
Misha Jun 20, 2000 06:38 PM
Where did you see Blink? I saw them in MD and NJ. Pity they've totally sold out now, both concerts had 10,000+ attendees. Ah well, I got a good number of years of enjoyment out of them when no one knew them. Bad Religion plays a very unique kind of punk music... most either love it or hate it. I happen to be one of the few that falls in between. They've got some songs that I like, like 21st Century Dig and New America (their new song) but a lot that just sound like muffled screaming. Really, with all this kind of music, though, you have to listen to it lots of times to like it.
slboett Jun 20, 2000 08:45 PM
Blink 182 played a nice little gig here in the office a few weeks back...thank goodness, no Bad Religion!

Anthony the PC lover Jun 22, 2000 03:04 PM
Blink played in Worchester, Massachusetts. They were pretty good. I guess Bad Religion needs some getting used to before you like it
bood69 Jun 23, 2000 06:45 PM
I listened to Blink back when the only song they had was "M&M's" and tired of them long before they started popping up on TRL every week.

oh, and Bad Religion, IMHO, has always been a great band...but I have seen them twice in Houston and they just don't sound very good live to me.

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Misha Jun 23, 2000 10:48 PM
M&Ms is pretty cool... definately one of the best off of Cheshire Cat. Have you seen the video for it? There's actually two versions, one where they're just sort of playing the song live, and another where they're on the street shooting each other. It's pretty amusing... especially considering the lyrics.

I just hope their next album isn't even poppier than Enema is... return to some of their punk roots. Songs like Josie and Carousel are great.
Kozmik Jun 26, 2000 12:44 PM
Bad Religion is a damn good band.
oscar Jun 26, 2000 08:14 PM
I echo Kozmik comments

-See Yea!
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