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Stogieman Oct 4, 2000 11:55 PM
Dark Angel
Did anyone see Dark Angel the other night? I missed the first hour but there was scene where she walks in a shop and the guy warns her the place is bugged. I could have sworn there was an iMac sitting in front of him with the shell removed! Did anyone else see that?
Also, there was a pretty good shot of a 22'" Cinema Display towards the end of the episode.
unicron Oct 10, 2000 09:49 PM
in tonight's episode, the glasses-wearing computer geek was clearly typing stuff using the new pro keyboard... there's also an imac on that private detective's desk...
ThinkInsane Oct 13, 2000 01:39 PM
In the first episode, the glasses wearing computer geek is using some kinda flat panel monitor. In the second episode, they clearly show the apple logo on a cinema display an of course the keyboard that you mentioned. Anyway, forget the macs, that girlie on the show is a babe! I want one of those instead of a new mac....
unicron Oct 13, 2000 02:10 PM
heh heh, i'm greedy... i want both =)
Scott_H Oct 13, 2000 06:57 PM
Although I tend to loose interest and look away when the hot chick is on on the TeeVee, I did see the iBorg.

{can't type today.}
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[This message has been edited by Scott_H (edited 10-13-2000).]
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