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rsutc Jun 20, 2000 06:32 PM
New Fiction by old Apple croc
Rick Sutcliffe, known as "The Northern Spy" in the very old days when
he was a Call A.P.P.L.E. columnist, and a long time programming text
author announces a new web site to house the Modula-2 FAQ and shareware
text, and to launch

"The Peace"--a new novel (Christian Sci-Fi, with an Irish flavour)

In a sufficiently hi-tech society numerous individuals are capable
of mass destruction via nuclear or biological weapons. To survive,
civilization requires a pervasive moral code limiting the use of
technology, but in a fallen world this needs policing, and so do the
James IV, most Christian High King of an Ireland with a different
history than ours is deposed in 1941 by a cabal of his nobles. Exiled
to thinly-populated Irish North America, he and his cousins find
unlikely romance, promote traditional honour, and counter genocidal
high-tech schemes. Sergeant Brian McIlhargey carries on the fight in a
later generation.
Can one family stand against the corrupt rulers of two worlds? What
if one of its own members goes bad?
See an excerpt or buy the book at Arjay Enterprises:
<> or at <>
(ISBN 1-930364-87-3)

Of course, the web site and all the content was created and maintained
on a Mac.
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