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Orbit Jun 30, 2000 09:17 PM
Macs at the EMP and on Intel posters!
Didn't even know this thread existed until now..

Living in the Seattle area, I went to check out the brand new Experience Music Project which just opened this weekend. Amazing building (despite what some may say) and amazing use of technology throughout. Although, as one might guess, the use of PCs is pretty exclusive, seeing as Paul Allen if the co-founder of Microsoft and all. All visitors to the EMP get a "MEG," or Museum Exhibit Guide which is basically a Windows CE device with a touchscreen and a 6GB hard drive to hold audio snippets and info about the exhibits. It was pretty funny when a friend I was there with was able to get his MEG to freeze in the first ten minutes of using it. Go Windows CE!! So, in the Sound Lab, there are tons of booths where you can go and play instruments while receiving rudimentary instruction on the basics (ie. guitar, drums, keyboard, etc) In the middle of this room is an oddly shaped table which acts as a giant electronic drum circle. There's a projector suspended from the ceiling which projects psychedelic patterns on this table and when you hit parts of it which make sound, the graphics react accordingly. It's tough to explain, but really cool. Anyway, the point of all of this: Even though the drum table isn't square, the projection onto it is, and so some of it gets projected onto the floor. A quick look at one side of the projection will reveal a Mac menu bar! When asked if Paul Allen knew that one of the most visible parts of the Sound Lab was run on a Mac, an employee told me that yeah, he knew- and a PC wouldn't be able to handle that kind of thing. He was kidding of course, but it was funny nonetheless. They're also using a G4 with a Cinema Display to print out mock concert posters for visitors. Now if only we could get them to use Palm OS for the MEGs....

Another quick thing.. I work at a CompUSA and they had this big poster for a few months advertising the Intel Web Outfitters service. This was a really big poster/display and had lots of PIII info an hype on it. It also showed a "screenshot" of the Web Outfitters web site- complete with Mac Netscape window and scrollbars. It stayed up for months and nobody was the wiser. I just kept quiet about it and laughed to myself whenever I passed by.
exa Jul 7, 2000 10:21 PM
One reason might be that the fact that Windoze is very ugly.... just look at the GUI and colors, pretty repulsive if you ask me. Platinum is much better than it, but Aqua will just dwarf that... I'd bet that almost every peecee poster after OS X comes out will have some screen shot of X on it... Aqua is just plain beautiful
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