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Bodhi Apr 6, 2001 02:18 PM
Howard Stern and the iMac
Howard was giving away an "iMac loaded with Apple's iTunes" today. The thing is it wasn't being given away by a store or anything, it sounded like it was from Apple. When Robin asked him about iTunes he read what sounded like a marketing/sales pitch from Apple regarding iTunes.
CommonSense Apr 20, 2001 12:01 PM
Really? This is a bit surprising, given that he's such a mindless follower of "Jeff Schick from IBM." I am so sick and tired of hearing this idiot's name, whoever he is, but this guy has been Howard's Source for All Computing Knowledge for some five years now.

It's really just evidence that he's mindlessly going for the "big, time-honored name," IBM. I remember when Schick had Howard using OS/2 back in the mid-90s; that's all conveniently forgotten now. He still uses retarded garbage like Lotus Notes . . .

Argh, I wish someone would give Howie a clue. But I think the greater priority right now, even bigger than luring him away from The Dark Side, is shooting him with a clue gun and improving the quality of the show, which continues to suck more and more every week. What happened to the Stern of the old days?

Er, what was my point? Oh, yeah -- come visit www.f u c k That's it!
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