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duboy Nov 5, 2000 09:24 PM
WOOHOO! New Xfiles season!!
Did you see her stare at her stolen powerbook power adapter and modem cable? ah yes, i love xfiles, lets hope this ends up being a decent season! :-)
Misha Nov 5, 2000 11:15 PM
The series became too soap opera-ish three years ago for my tastes... I've barely watched any of the last two, they're just so bad. Bring back the 1 hour investigations that leave the audience with a cliffhanger like the first few seasons.
scottiB Nov 6, 2000 10:19 AM
I saw the PB cord as well--I'm sure the Pismo was insured. Scully really needs to be connected via AirPort and DSL/Cable.... . At Mulder's, though, he had some goofy, gray Belkin SCSI or parallel cable....alas.

I agree somewhat with Misha. Last season for the most part was forgettable. Season 6's "Triangle" and "Dreamland I, II" were top-notch TV in my book.

I give Sunday's ep a B+; I like Dogget. X-Files has the best production values on TV, IMHO.
andi*pandi Nov 6, 2000 11:16 AM
I didn't watch most of last season, either. However, last nights ep was a good return point! I don't know enough of what happened, so suspense is built up!
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