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jaguarandi Nov 6, 2000 10:00 AM
Apples in Anime
Okay, for those of you who watch anime, is it just me, or does Apple get a lot of free advertising in anime series and movies - whether it's through direct brand name displays or 'look-alike' computers?

Digimon: Lots of Apple-like computers (an iBook-clone that has a 'Pineapple' logo; the desktops in the first and second seasons look like OS 8 desktops, etc.).

Perfect Blue: Mima gets a Macintosh Performa for her apartment (one of the 5XXX all-in-one units, I believe).

Evangelion: Ritsuko uses what could easily pass for a 5300-series PowerBook. I have also seen concept art of her drawn with a laptop that has a distinguishable 6-color Apple logo on it.

Not surprising, since Japan is one of the most Mac-friendly countries on the planet! Does anyone else have other examples?

grandizer Nov 8, 2000 03:12 PM
Serial Expirements Lain. The Navi is a very obvious references to macs. The os is even named (and/or made by) Copland. They even threw in a "think different" near the end of the series.
I think they use macs in Geobreeders. I also seem to remember a mac reference in Lost Universe...
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