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JPE Jul 10, 2000 09:15 AM
iMacs in IKEA Shops
I visited an Ikea Store in Paris (France)... there are tons of iMacs everywhere...
Taloston Prez Jul 19, 2000 07:38 PM
Were they real iMacs or those aggravating IKEA cardboard cutouts that you grab and stash in the bottom of the cart and wonder why security doesn't stop you on the way ou-----oops.......Said too much....
Trevor Haldenby
Paulos Jul 24, 2000 11:41 PM
I've seen them at IKEA in Australia and they are real iMacs... just minus everything but the plastic casing.
Arty50 Aug 12, 2000 09:14 PM
I was at the IKEA in Burbank, California last month and there were tons of stripped iMacs throughout the store. There were a couple of old LC type boxes also, but it was 99.9% iMacs. The iMacs were basically nothing more than a real iMac plastic shell.
ilovelime Aug 20, 2000 03:19 AM
I have also seen iMacs used alot in Australian catalogues for IKEA.

They look good, so why not.
Garrett_44 Aug 22, 2000 06:05 AM
yep there also pretty dominant in Habitat stores over here in europe!

Agentz_osX Jan 21, 2001 04:56 PM
IKEA stores in the UK have been using dummy iMacs in their room settings for quite a while now. The ones in the Edinburgh branch are a genuine iMac shell. I looked a bit closer and saw that they actually have an iMac logic board in them minus all the components. All the holes were drilled and everything!
MacAgent Jan 22, 2001 09:01 PM
The IKEA I go to in California (City of Industry or in the area, I think) just uses fake plastic PC crap.

Darkmoor, ON Canada Jan 29, 2001 02:20 PM
They have them at IKEA here in Canada as well. They also have the G4's in the catalogue
bookrat Jan 29, 2001 08:35 PM
I think I've also seen the PowerBooks and G4 Towers in the Ikea catalogue. Initially I thought it may have had something to do with the agency/photographer involved with the catalogue only have Macs on hand but now it seems like it's used by Ikea the world over.

I was looking at a Rev A. Tangerine iMac balanced on one of their computer tables just the other week - wondering if the thing worked

ariella Jan 31, 2001 12:52 AM
Ruby Feb 1, 2001 02:05 PM
Hey, That is my desk!!!! Mine just has a ruby iMac on wierd lol

osiris Feb 7, 2001 11:10 PM
iBooks are all over the NY area iKea catalog... I was kind of surprised, then struck with the fact that all the iBooks are posed with women only. odd
olePigeon Feb 10, 2001 02:15 PM

The IKEA in Las Vegas didn't have iMacs that I could see, but they had Apple 15" B&W Studio displays everywhere.
mikithecrackhead Feb 22, 2001 09:26 PM
mac freindly coffee shop in Northampton ma, has imacs for the public to use. And good coffee too.
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