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Dagen Nov 8, 2000 10:53 PM
What about magazine advertisements?
Why is that Apple posts their TV ads online but not their print ads?

They have some of the most cool print advertising ever. Have you seen this weeks Time or Rolling Stone? The Time magazine for this week has a two-page ad touting the ease of use of iMovie (similarly themed to the new TV ad aired on election night.)

Rolling Stone (which has extra-large pages, making the ad even better) is a rundown of neat reasons to buy an iMac (optical mouse, Harman/Kardon speakers,etc...)

These are very, very nice. I've noticed Apple pours tons of money into making great looking computers, and then wants to present the same two publicity photos to people. The print ads and TV ads are the only places to truly admire the fantastic product design.

Problem is, the TV ads they go out of their way to underplay, and not everyone subscribes to magazines. (I just take a peek at the local gas station

And I need hardly mention that downloading video is a pain for people with slow connections like me.

Anyone else agree with me on any of these points?
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