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JamesKass Jul 16, 2001 02:27 AM
Sex and the City (and a Sad Mac)
Yes, I know, the Carrie's Powerbook is Featured often on the show, but it took center stage this week when it crashed.

How many of us gave an almost superior chuckle as we knew full well that Aiden was trying the ol' CTL-ALT-DEL trick? I for one laughed and almost shouted at the screen, "you eeeediot!"

And how many of us said to ourselves "puh-lease... she's had the Mac for two years and she's never encountered a system error with a bomb?" I get one of those a week.. if I'm lucky!

Ah, the sad mac... you know you're pretty much f'ed when that happens...
IceEnclosure Jul 16, 2001 03:47 AM
They featured Tekserve as well, which is a Mac specialist place in NYC.. The guy behind the counter was usin' a 17" Apple LCD (i think) and he was like "uhh.. you still have your warranty papers, right?"..

didn't make Tekserve look so hot, I'd say

Then her boyfriend tries to replace the Pismo? with an iBook toilet seat... puhleaze :)
JamesKass Jul 16, 2001 08:58 PM
I loved it when Aiden said "You see, it looks like a purse!"
rambo47 Jul 16, 2001 09:44 PM
I was at Tekserve only two weeks ago and that is exactly what it looks and sounds like. It has a '60s / Peace Corps / Grateful Dead feeling to it, but at an accelerated pace. Lots of volunteers there only to help. Folks showing up to the hot and sweaty loft (crammed with stuff for sale), computers in their arms like a sick pet going to the vet. The total Mac-ness of the place was truely a beautiful thing.

Perhaps Carrie's PowerBook crashing was a prelude to her replacing it with something from MWNY, perhaps one of the colored iBooks rumored to be forthcoming, or perhaps the "son of Pismo".
<Andy> Nov 7, 2001 06:07 PM
The guy who posted with the Beastie Boys Signature rocks!
Cool band!!!

the best & macs are cool!
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